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I’m not one for paying people to do things for me – even a manicure can sometimes make me uneasy (I’m getting over it), so even though I probably need some help in the cleaning department more than most, I’ve never looked into cleaning services. Lucky for me, the stars aligned – Jim and I were asked to design a website for the new All Natural and Biodegradable cleaning service, Team Clean in exchange for a few sessions. This was a god send at nine months pregnant.

Run by Candace Mills, who ran a successful Memphis cleaning service called 2 Chicks and A Broom along with college friend Megan Pflug and J Penry, Team Clean is a great, environmentally sound company that is pet friendly and super speedy.

Two people, including Candice came over for an initial 2 hour session and were like cleaning machines. From the floor to the stove, everything smelt clean and fresh and even all the cat hair (the amount of which you can’t even begin to imagine) was gone. They require a two hour minimum per session and can meet with you to assess price and cleaning style. I highly recommend contacting them!

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Posted on October 13, 2010

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