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taverna kyclades queensI highly recommend you make the trek to Astoria's?Greek seafood mecca, Taverna Kyclades. Our first attempt to eat here was a disaster, it's unwavering popularity meant an hour long wait on a Sunday evening. We were tired, we were starving, and cranky was just around the corner. So, unless you are mentally prepared for a crowded, standing wait suffering as mouth-watering plates of food rush by, save it for another day.. or, as we did, try your hand at a late lunch when they are less busy (though still pretty crowded by most restaurant's standards).

If it all seems like more trouble than it's worth, let me assure you that, at the very least, Taverna Kyclades will re-establish your faith in the shrimp. Ordered on a whim, because we've learned by now that there is?no point in not ordering seafood at a Greek restaurant, the shrimp were fresh and plump and perfect. Another testament to the wonders of grilling, it and the calamari lunch specials were excellent.

I had mine with the dandelion greens, “horta“, a side that might be too bitter and soggy for some, but I found to be yummy, particularly with lots of fresh lemon. The lemons come on our table at the beginning of the meal, assuring you that you are about to have perfect summer weather food. Jim had rice with his, also good, and perhaps a wiser pick if you're picky about your greens.

Nothing in this world could have prevented me from ordering the taramasalata as an appetizer, my favorite red caviar dip. Their version is great, though it's worth knowing that it does not come with pita, which needs to be ordered separately. They give you so much dip that I was even able to exhibit some self control and take half home for snacking.

Next visit, we are certainly going to add the Greek salad to our order. Never have I seen a salad more appetizing with it's glistening red tomatoes and huge hunk of feta.

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Posted on July 21, 2008

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