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tarrytown new yorkTarrytown, NY is the quintessential quaint, but not hicky, New York Village. An easy drive from the city into another world, a world where it really seems like everyone knows everyone else and people even say hello on the streets (they also obey traffic lights and aren't used to pushy pedestrians like NYC drivers–seriously, I almost got hit by a car).

You can spend the better part of the day in Tarrytown starting with a fantastic meal at Lefteris, one of, if not the, best Greek restaurant I have ever been to followed by some ice cream down the street at Main Street Sweets which has a pumpkin ice cream in the fall that I have heard tell is the best thing on earth.

After you are fully stuffed, you can walk it off at the many second hand, antique, and finer vintage furniture shops. Astrid picked some beautiful rings up at a huge bargain.

Whether you are stopping along the way to the many nearby sites, including former Brix pick, next door's Sleepy Hollow cemetery, or just taking a break, Tarrytown is a pleasant visit.

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Posted on August 28, 2006

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