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Tara ReidSadly, what could be more American than our new greatest resource – slutty blonde “celebrities” that are just famous for being famously messy. And I don't care how despicable Paris or Nicole get, Tara's the best of them all.

Not only for the major tit slip, and her husky voice that sounds perfect screaming “fucking Ibiza man!” (at least that's what I assume it is most suited to), but have you ever seen her try to seriously act? Perhaps as an archeologist (in “World's Worst Director” Uwe Boll's Alone in the Dark). A laugh a minute this girl. whether she's slut dancing with Paris , or explaining what any musician could tell you, discussing the complexities of men, falling, being sited drunk, talking about being a retard, wearing clothes, doing her thing on Taradise, or posing in this picture.

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Posted on July 3, 2006

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