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Talkie WalkieThis week's hunky duo has continually put out lovely, listenable electronic pop albums that have one vintage boot in the seventies and one in the future. Their newest release has yet to find its ways to my ears, but I do hope it's as good as this one. Sometimes I tend to hold off on things that might disappoint me. Maybe I'll hear it when they perform at the Highline Festival if I can manage to fork over the forty bucks per ticket (plus $12 in service charges).

This, their sixth album, did not start as my favorite. Like most people, Moon Safari was my introduction and my heart's devotion. However, as that album has been played over and over through the past nine(!) years of my life (it was there when I was not keeping Austin weird and it was with me when I was working at the accounting office at RISD) but, like a tired affair, the songs have grown almost too familiar and this newer, younger, and beloved album (despite it's commercial appeal – two words that will evoke ire from an indie rock critic faster than garth and brooks, unless it's ironic) has been a perfect new companion. It evokes beautiful people doing beautiful things in beautiful places and most importantly, lacks the annoying voice of Beth Hirsch that marred some of Moon Safari (at least for me). The best way to listen to this album is not poolside with a Campari and a cabana boy, but somewhere goofy, like the grocery store, dreaming of being poolside with a Campari and a cabana boy. It's daydream music and I can only hope they continue making more of the same forever.

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Posted on April 2, 2007

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