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sue johansonWell, the sad news is that Sue Johanson has retired after six seasons of hosting the frank, helpful, and frequently entertaining Talk Sex; the good news is that she's looking forward to peaceful relaxation in her Canadian cabin and that there are 174 episodes re-airing nightly on Oh!, DVD plans are in the works.

Her's is a refreshing show that doesn't villanize or embarrass people with sexual confusion, hang ups, or risqu? questions and embraces the joy of sex and romance in a straightforward, unabashed way. She truly wants to help out all her callers and, rather remarkably, she often does.

Like any good sex-based call-in show, the callers often ask amusing and snicker-inducing questions. Questions like, “How do I get semen out of my mustache?”

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Posted on February 9, 2009

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