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We used to be pretty avid D&D players but over the years, as adulthood has taken over, avid turned to occasional, which turned to rarely.

We were excited then, to find out about Talisman, a D&D like board game, recommend by a former gamer himself in a similar situation (thanks Chris!).

It’s perfect. In theory it can be played in one night/afternoon. (Though we’ve yet to finish a game in the three hours we’ve aloted for play.)

While there’s not the same customization and open endlessness of a real D&D game, (let’s face it there’s no substitute for a good D&D game) it is satisfying for that particular nerd itch and it’s even made gamers out of friends that use to refuse up and down that they’d ever get involved with such foolishness.

Plus it’s far more social that WoW (another abandoned but well loved past time of ours).¬†We like to combine the evening with a special home cooked meal – like my recently recommended pork ssam for example.

Rumor has it that expansion packs are also pretty great but we’ve only tried the original.

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Posted on March 8, 2012

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