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Puck BuildingOn the corner of Mulberry and E. Houston stands a cherubic gilded little man. He's there every work day as I walk back from Whole Foods, smiling as if to say “Good day, miss! Enjoy your grilled lemon chicken”. The imposing Romanesque Revival building he perches on (along with his brother who stands at the entrance) is the famous Puck Building and he's sculptor Henry Baerer's rendition of the Shakespearian character.

Built in 1885 by architect Albert Wagner, it once housed the printing facility of Puck Magazine and the sheer size caused quite a stir when it was built. The building got some less than desirable press in 1912 when five men died when an elevator dropped seven stories. Later, it was home to Spy Magazine, and while it now houses Pratt and NYU stuff ,as well as offices, it's often most known today for its event spaces: the Chocolate Show and GEN ART have been held there. I haven't attended anything in the great halls, but it's worth a stop and stare on the outside too.

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Posted on October 22, 2007

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