Drinks »Wolffer Verjus

Non Alcoholic Wine

Everyone knows I’m pregnant the first meal out when I forgo the cocktail.

It’s a fair enough vice to give up for the health of my little one, but I’ll admit there are times I’d love a drink.

Dead friends Astrid and Marcus, sensitive to this dilemma, bought me a wonderful bottle of Wolffer Verjus.

This non alcoholic beverage, which is a lovely mixed with sparkling water, and resembles a dry white wine makes me feel like I’m enjoying a spritzer along with my wine guzzling friends.

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Posted on February 25, 2012

Drinks »Troost

1011 Manhattan Ave

Friends and I agree, Troost is a very pleasant place. Everything is just right and unobtrusive. The lighting is dim but not too dark, the service is extremely helpful (even offering sips of wines to taste) but not pushy, even the music is just the right volume and nice and jazzy without being disruptive.

A very nice addition to the neighborhood, Troost offers a spot to relax with cava or wine without battling a scene. The list of wines and beers is short but carefully selected and impressive.

I am looking forward to trying both their daytime coffee and the delicious sounding menu of small plates, sandwiches, meats and cheeses.

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Posted on December 14, 2011

Drinks »Cest la Vie Wine

20110916-122236.jpgSyrah Rose

The weather is telling me that summer is over, so does that mean I have to stop sipping rose? Not while I have a bottle of Cest la Vie in the fridge!

Dry yet fruity but not tart, this syrah rose is cheap and yummy.

A rare excellent find for being the only rose at our closest liquor shop.

Plus, the hand drawn label is darling.


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Posted on September 15, 2011

Drinks »Milk and Roses

1110 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint Brooklyn

Greenpoint boasts plenty of good places to grab some coffee (with Grumpy and Five Leaves, one might even say it’s the best neighborhood to grab some coffee), but another spot that’s as relaxed and lovely as Milk and Roses is always welcome. Located in the upper Acapulco regions of the neighborhood, it stands apart with it’s impressive and unique food menu that includes my obvious pick – an anchovy and cheese sandwich. Breakfast staples and desserts are also available. Coming from the manager of the yummy Cacio e Pepe, I shouldn’t be surprised that the food is great (coffee’s very nice too).

A wall of colorful hardbound books, a piano, and dark aged wood floors make for an elegant atmosphere supported by an easy sound track of jazz which makes lounging with a book quite pleasant. There’s a nice backyard while the good weather lasts. For all you winos, most importantly, it will soon also be a wine bar (license pending).

Click here for the rest of Milk and Roses

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Posted on September 12, 2010

Drinks »Barcelona Round Up

cava barcelonaBubbly Wine, Water and Beer

Cava is the name of the game in Spain and we drank plenty of the bubbly. Much like champagne, cava can be sweet or dry (we opted for dry) and goes perfectly with salty tapas. But we didn’t end with cava as far as imbibing.

Vichy Catalan is the table “agua con gas” and made in the nearby town of  Girona (which we travelled through on the train to Figueres). Unlike the Perrier you might be used to, it’s actually kind of salty and delicious for it.

The tea in Spain is also slightly different from my estados unidos norm. Most restaurants serve a naturally sweet red tea, most of which, I believe comes from Africa and may just be the “bush tea” they’re always talking about in this week’s TV pick.

Lastly, they have a local beer, Moritz, which I’ve never seen in the US. It’s tasty and crisp and actually quite sweet in a non-lemon-wheat-beer kind of way. Quite refreshing.

Click here for the rest of Barcelona Round Up

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Posted on January 10, 2010

Drinks »Prosecco

Prosecco And cheap too, around 9.50 for a decent bottle.

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Posted on November 28, 2005