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badiTurkish E.T.

Awhile back, I got a slew of wonky Turkish remakes of Hollywood blockbusters from the ever entertaining Five Minutes to Live website. None are truly watchable in the normal sense, mainly because they’re totally insane and not dubbed (or subtitled) in English. Of course, they’re completely fascinated nonetheless.

Badi, a ‘remake’ of ET, features a strange-breasted costumed character sure to give nightmares to those more sensitive to gross things. The Turkish analog of Elliot is pretty adorable and top notch when it comes to inadvertently looking directly at the camera. His best friend (who can wildly gesture with the best of them) wears a superb hat, and his blubbering little brother got the biggest laugh of all from me when, instead of giving a hug and getting a gentle finger poke (I’ll be right here) from the alien, he grabs the alien’s the rubber hand, kisses it as if Badi were the Godfather, then bangs it against his forehead in agony.

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Posted on November 15, 2009