Restaurants »Amber Steak House

119 Nassau Ave, Greenpoint

There is a definite template for new, hip restaurants keen on slabs of meat in Brooklyn and Amber Steak House ignores it completely. Here old school “elegance” with white table clothes and bow tie waiters meets the over the top “fancy” design of the late 1990’s.

It’s decidedly not hip, but that’s actually quite refreshing and doesn’t at all take away from the fact that the food is great.

Don’t be afraid to go all out with classics here. A nice and salty dirty martini set the tone for a perfectly medium rare filet mignon with peppercorn sauce, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. This is the very definition of what fine dining was for previous generations and they weren’t all wrong.

So while you may not see the trendiest dishes on the menu, you will be able to get a solid red meat feast for a much lower price than the more well known Peter’s or Keen’s. Plus, some of your dining neighbors will make you feel like you’re in a Giallo.

Please do a date night here if you’re a local, it’s an overlooked spot that deserves more attention.

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Posted on November 14, 2011

Restaurants »Peter Luger

peter luger burger brooklynPeter Luger is an institution, the take your dad who loves meat there place forever. I've had a few amazingly satisfying steaks in my time when family's been in town, but I'd never tried their more affordable and highly praised lunch time burger until a recent day off.

The place is a bit more calm on a weekday, but it had gotten pretty full by the time we left the crisp white shirts, dark wood, and nautical dishes behind us. While we didn't need a reservation on a Friday afternoon, on a weekend it probably wouldn't hurt.

The burger is nice and fat and, unsurprisingly, the meat itself is to die for. Cooked perfectly medium rare, which is not the easiest for some restaurants, (other bloggers have even complained about Luger's as such a culprit) I found it fresh, salty and beautifully pink inside.

The huge pile of ribbon thin onion rings were also worth writing home about, the kind of snack that's terrible for you but so good it pops up afterwards in dreams. While I've adored their famous steak sauce on steaks in the past (we even have a bottle in the fridge), it's a perfect topping for a beef burger as well.

My only complaint was the bun, and it's really just a personal thing. I know a substantial bun is necessary for just the basic operations of a hulking burger, but I happen to prefer mine a bit squishier, the kind of bun that does its job but bows down in submission to the all mighty innards. But still, it's a great meal to be had in classic settings – worth the trip during the day (it's only available for lunch) and the comparatively cheap (in this expensive burger crazed city) $9.

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Posted on April 27, 2009