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218 St. John Street, London, Written by Dana

** All this week I’ll be featuring some great Picks by my dear friend Dana who will clue us in on London’s greatest offerings. Thanks so much Dana!!**

Styled like a bazaar, Liberty of London is one of the most beautifully and uniquely curated spaces. The store started in 1850, to sell Asian imports and in the 1920s, the Tudor revival building was created (from the timbers of ships!), and stock was extended. (I learned this all from a booklet they sell at the store).

It now carries small collections of high-end designers and its always been known to showcase new designers. Arthur Liberty helped develop the Art Nouveau movement by sponsoring the contemporary designers of that time.

Most people recognise the name LIBERTY for its traditional fabrics and prints, which could be described as prim English country florals, though today their are many more new prints by contemporary designers.
Oh and there’s a champagne bar downstairs!

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Posted on June 6, 2011