Restaurants »Pinky’s Kitchen

pinkys210 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA

We are excited for Seattle’s food and Pinky’s Kitchen was one of the first places we wanted to try even if BBQ isn’t the first thing you might associate with the Pacific Northwest.

A truck set up in a gas station parking garage, it dishes out comfort food of all kinds: brisket, beans, fried chicken, pork and ribs. We tried the pulled pork sandwiches – one with original sauce and one with the vinegar sauce we’ve grown to love thanks to “The Pitmaster” Ed Mitchell. Both were great, but I lean a little toward their sauce. Other options include a tamarin and spicy – for another visit (when I will also indulge in some pecan pie).

It was a brisk day to wait outside for sandwiches and, honestly, I was a little worried it wouldn’t be worth it when I spied the ciabatta. Inappropriate bread can ruin good BBQ like nothing else and it looked a little too sturdy and bulky. My fears were abated at the first bite, though. It was a perfect buttery vehicle for tender, sloppy pulled pork.

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Posted on May 2, 2013

Spend a Couple Hours »Ravenna Park

ravenna5520 Ravenna Ave NE

When I catch a glimpse of the mountains in the distance I realize we’ve barely begun to understand and experience the beauty of this part of the world.

Ravenna Park, just one of many parks in the city, for example, not only has a playground where Van has made his first mud cakes but trails leading into old growth forest. Within a couple minutes you feel like you are in the woods because, well, you are. We’ve only delved in briefly but felt transported.

The half mile of greenery is all that remains of a large forest that was almost logged into non existence. Thankfully it was saved and is now a welcome quiet spot for hiking, picnicking and playing.

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Posted on April 27, 2013

Desserts »Top Pot Doughnuts

toppot6855 35th Ave NE

Ubiquitous and delicious, Top Pot Doughnuts are an iconic Seattle treat. We visited the Wedgwood location with its huge donut sculpture and comfy library dining area (there’s also nice outdoor seating under the shade of a surprising palm tree).

Cute decor is great, but a sweet donut and good latte makes this place a must visit. I indulged in a raspberry glaze and stole bites from a giant apple fritter.

Lucky for us, but maybe not our health, Top Pot is available even closer at the local grocery store and there are several cafes scattered across the city.

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Posted on April 22, 2013

Restaurants »Portage Bay

portage4130 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle

We arrived in Seattle a couple weeks ago (we are still settling, hence the lack of posts). We stayed at the comfortable and friendly Watertown Hotel until our things arrived. A few blocks away we found Portage Bay, an most appetizing welcome to our new home city.

Everything we tried on the menu (yes, there were return visits) was delicious. They had Swedish pancakes, made with fresh, real ingredients that I didn’t have to embarrass myself with a trip to IHOP for! They had a vegetable hash that had Jim, yes Jim, shoveling vegetables into his mouth! There’s a fruit and toppings bar, a number of omelett options, and Benedicts of all kinds that will impress (I had to try the salmon, a food I’ll always associate with the Northwest since a visit here years ago) but the dungeness crab was remarkable too.

The space is huge and child friendly (though admittedly I am coming from Brooklyn, where spaces tend to be pint sized and hating children is a new pastime) but I’ve read it can get very crowded with long waits on peak brunch hours.

I imagine this will be a favorite of our family in the years to come as we settle into our new town. It’s service with a smile and incredible food with a conscious: ingredients are local and organic.

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Posted on April 17, 2013