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pscfinal200 2nd Ave N, Seattle

Gears, wires, pipes, machines – these are my son’s passion. Naturally the Pacific Science Center, a hands on kids science museum was totally up his alley. We could have spent all day in the lobby room with its pulleys, gears, wacky mirrors and levers and he would have left satisfied.

Fortunately, though, the exhibits offered even more excitement including a tots area with water play and toys to climb, animatronic dinosaurs, a petting area with sea creatures, and a butterfly pavilion.

Mimi had a nice time too with plenty to look at and even a quiet nursing room!

Some reviews online complain that exhibits are sometimes old but they are missing the point. Kids love this place dated animatronics, duct tape and all.

When we decided to move to Seattle, the wealth of child friendly activities appealed to us. Not that NYC doesn’t offer them, but here, everything is easier to accomplish. In fact, we hadn’t even set out to go to the museum, but a morning drive happened to bring us there and it was a lovely spontaneous family fun day.

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Posted on April 21, 2013

Spend a Couple Minutes »Follow Chris Hadfield


Orbiting the Earth

Twitter, once a thing I could barely understand the point of, has since become a source for instant (but not incessant) news, laughs… and now phenomenal views of earth from space!

For amazing, magical images follow astronaut Chris Hadfield as he chronicles his orbit around our planet. (He is also chatting and answering questions on reddit.)

Honestly, the photos will make you feel a childlike sense of wonder and amazement.

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Posted on February 25, 2013

Spend a Couple Minutes »Get Psyched About The Mars Landing


When the last space shuttle launch was announced, a spark of wonder and excitement died in the world. Space travel used to be the stuff of little kid dreams and now I’d never see one launch again.

But wait! Before we sadly mope away from NASA, there’s something new to get thrilled about: The Curiosity, the most advanced rover yet, landed on Mars!

The spacecraft touched down successfully last night and a room full of scientists that had been working on the risky project for a long time, cheered, hugged and even cried.

I missed it live – well most of us probably did since no major network found it worth interrupting their scheduled reruns for but you can see video and photos online.

Plus there’s a Mohawked young scientist who’s become an overnight internet heart throb. Yay!

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Posted on August 6, 2012