Songs »Kamera Song

by The Inner Space with Rosemarie Heinikel (1969)

While there are no doubt tons of great unknown gems to find in this week’s blog pick, Berlin Beatet Bestes, Kamera Song by Rosemarie Heinikel (aka Rosy Rosy) and the band The Inner Space (no affiliation with Dennis Quaid) that eventually became the revered Krautrock band, Can caught my eye and ear instantly.

Made for a film called Agilok and Blubbo, of which I found precious little info about except for a few lines here, the album seems to have gained more cult acclaim recently as marking the beginnings of Can.

The song is a bit Nico, a bit Giallo, a bit progrock, and wholly enjoyable.

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Posted on July 11, 2010

Albums »Holderlin’s Traum

holderlins traumby Holderlin (1972)

Take a base of traditional folk, add one part Jethro Tull, a generous drop of Nico, a splash of Amon Duul II, and a garnish with Peter and the Wolf, and you’ll end up with Holderlin’s Traum, a musical concoction perfect for a handcrafted clay goblet. It’s a beautiful and gentle first album by the German band that has recently made a sort of comeback with a new album.

This early seventies effort is as appealing and ethereal as the album art and title (Traum translates “dream”) and worth a listen for anyone with a soft spot for folk, krautrock, lilting female voices, and the flute. The songs will stay in your mind, even as you hum along to the unknown lyrics (well, unless you speak German of course). I am surprised this band has not been as rediscovered as others of the genre, but with recent accessibility (amost of their albums are now available on iTunes) I think that might change. Like several former Brix Picks, I might soon hear it playing over some brunch in Brooklyn.

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Posted on November 29, 2009