Spend a Couple Hours »Baby Shower

Baby Fiesta

Wow, my due date is getting ever closer. Only roughly seven weeks left til Van’s arrival and my wonderful friends and family threw me a most excellent cat themed fiesta the other day. Some of the most incredible cooks I know (Mike, Shaun, Krista and my sister) graced us with an amazing spread. All homemade: slow cooked meats, chipotle salsa, guacamole, churros donuts, pepitas, cat shaped tortillas, and spicy chocolates, yummmmm. Plus, the visual highlight- creepy awesome cat head cupcakes from Ruthy’s (see more about them in the dessert section).

Julia and Stacy were there to organize the games, which included a heated race to down a baby bottle of screwdrivers (Josh beat them all with a little bit of clever trickery). Mostly it was just wonderful to spend the afternoon with so many loving, great people – from brand new friends to girls I’ve known since kindergarten. Van is so lucky to inherit you all (and all out dear friends and family that couldn’t make it) as his extended family. Loads of photos below/after jump.

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Posted on August 29, 2010

Spend a Couple Hours »Brunch Party!

Sunday Perfection

Break out the mimosas, the bellinis, and the quiche – it’s a great time to have a brunch party! If you’re lazy like me, you can get the quiches from Fresh Direct and the world’s greatest donuts from Peter Pan. It took me a mere thirty minutes to get the whole shebang together. Throw in a few party games – Apples to Apples and a new game (to me) called Celebrity fit the bill nicely, and invite friends as awesome as mine who bring adorable babies, smoked oysters (!), homemade exquisite lemon meringue pie and it’s the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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Posted on June 6, 2010

Spend a Couple Hours »Bloody Valentine Party

For Those That Adore Gore

Not everyone is into the flowers, chocolates, hearts, and candies associated with Valentine’s Day – those particularly disinterested in the holiday’s Hallmarkiness might just want to take a page from my friend’s book and host a Bloody Valentines Day Party instead of snuggling by candlelight.

As many of you know, I’ll get into costume at the drop of a (top) hat, since Halloween but comes once a year, so I’m totally looking forward to this party.

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Posted on February 7, 2010

Spend a Couple Hours »Ugly Sweater Party

Wintertime Funtime

Friends Astrid and Marcus are hostess and host extraordinaire. Just take a look at the photo-montage that adorned the invite of this month’s party, which, in acknowledgment of the frigid temperatures, was ugly sweater themed – you’d be amazed just how easy they are to find.

Several guests discovered an abundance of suitably unstylish garments at an Upper West Side Salvation Army, while Jim skipped the “vintage” route and pulled about half a dozen options right off the rack at one of the many discount shops on Manhattan Avenue right around the corner here in Greenpoint (you know those shops with the outdoor racks of faux Calvin Klein). Note the unusual length and half mock neck that passes for fashion in today’s world of Cosby sweaters.

I got my bejeweled masterpiece years back while in Austin, just knowing that some day it would come in handy…

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Posted on January 31, 2010

Spend a Couple Hours »Halloween Party

I may be getting old, because Jim and I used to host parties every other month or so, but now we're down to just two a year. Fortunately, they are fantastic ones – and our Halloween Bash is the best. I'm always impressed with our friends' costumes, and here are just a few photos from last year that include my sister as Andrew Dice Clay, myself as Purple Rain era Prince, my friend Laura sporting stigmata and Jim as the Love Guru…

'd like to think that I'll have the skill and patience for some Martha Stewart-caliber decorating and recipes, but my friends may have to settle for what my local dollar stores have to offer and some mad scientist shots.. which is pretty much what they've come to expect without complaint.

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Posted on October 26, 2009

Spend a Couple Hours »Oktoberfest Party

It's Oktoberfest Party time again, and it's always tons of fun to host your own. We took over the honors this year, and I feared that meant none of Mike's yummy home-made pretzels – but our good friend Johnny came to the rescue with an amazing dough recipe that yielded in superbly soft results.

We also had great luck at Marlow and Daughters (as always), scoring with a button of soft cow's milk that was a crowd favorite as well as a wonderfully tasty selection of sausages. Throw a little party game madness in the mix and lots (maybe too much for some of us) beer and you've got a great night on your hands.

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Posted on October 5, 2009

Spend a Couple Hours »Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

toni's angels danceEveryone has a bachelor/ette story to tell. There was the time my sister disappeared from her own party leaving myself and friends in various states of unease as oiled men humped up. Stacy woke the next morning to find baby powder and grease ball sack stains on her Gucci skirt. Or my friend Laura who found a pack of dancers a bit too over zealous as they grabbed guests ankles over their heads and began going to town with their groins. A less stripper based story involves the groom vomiting all over the restaurant dinner table.

By far though, the most disturbing tale comes from my good friend Mike who was witness to Toni's Angels, a NY based “company” that has scarred he and everyone who's heard the story for life. It's way too dirty to detail here, but let's just say it all began with the ladies laying down a tarp. Beer bottles, a homemade song called “Eatin' Pussy” and a groom with an issue with germs followed.

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Posted on March 30, 2009