Restaurants »Honey Pig

3400 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA

A dancing, happy animatronic pig and the aroma of Korean spices and cooking meat greets you at the adorably named Los Angeles Koreatown BBQ spot, Honey Pig.

The spacious room is perfect for groups and they’re kid friendly (Van came out of there spotted head to toe with sticky rice).

The domed cooker doesn’t over do the meats and a friendly staff comes by to help with cooking so you can concentrate on chatting with friends under the influence of huge bottles or beer and soju.

A simple but delicious scallion salad starts things off brilliantly. Definitely a dish I should try at home.

Thin strips of marinated beef and pork belly were excellent and the condiments amazing. Loved the bean paste and salt and pepper oil.

It was my first time having kimchee hot temperature wise (though the spicy kick here is no joke too) and it was yummy.

Be sure to opt for the fried rice towards the end, where a server will mix all the left overs with rice and veggies. So good.

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Posted on December 6, 2011

Restaurants »Korilla BBQ

Various Locations

Jim and his co-wokers lucked out when they discovered the Korilla mobile Korean BBQ truck outside their office one afternoon.

The line moved rapidly and everyone opted for bowls (there are also tacos and burritos on the menu), but I guess when you’re used to eating at least one Chipotle burrito bowl per week, tacos and burritos just don’t do it any more…

Jim got the spicy pork with the bacon fried kimchi rice (his workers unilaterally went for beef), kimchi slaw salsa, cheese, vegetables and the smoky/mayonnaise Korilla sauce.  It must have been pretty good, because he ate all of it (which is surprising, considering it included a healthy dose of vegetables) in about 10 minutes.

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Posted on January 7, 2011