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30 Day Song Challenge – Day Eleven: Best Song Request at Sammy’s Roumanian Steak House:

Rumenye Rumenye – Traditional Yiddish Song

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Posted on May 11, 2011

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B&H Dairy127 2nd Avenue

If I had to name a least favorite type of food, I’d be quick to come up with diner food followed by vegetarian food, so imagine my surprise when B&H Dairy (which serves both) was so utterly delicious that I can’t wait to go back. Both diner food and vegetarian food get a bad rap because so much of it is terrible – ever tried an omelette at one of those indistinguishable diners on Long Island, or eaten at a veggie place that insists that bland is the only option?.

Of course, there are exceptions and B&H is surely one of them. The food here has heart and guts, the potato pancakes are incredibly crispy with a soft, pillowy center. The borscht is piping hot, flavorful and belly warming. The challah bread is slathered in butter and arrives handed to your table from the counter like a formidable tower of carbs. Definitely arrive hungry.

In a city that seems to be losing its Jewish storefront history, B&H has stood as a kosher mecca serving affordable and filling comfort food for over 60 years. While you may mix up the name with the giant photo/video mega store, you’d never mix up this tiny sliver of a place (about 4 two tops and a counter) and its genuine old world charms with anything so high tech and huge. It would be hard to find a place this quintessentially New York still standing in the neighborhood.

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Posted on November 29, 2009