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With several left over smoked Ham's Bacon hot dogs from our Adirondack weekend (Ham's Bacon is a smoke shop that is actually called Oscar's but I like my name for it better) I began searching for recipes for hot dogs.

Of course I quickly found the Chicago Style Dog, a piled up sandwich that I've seen on Shake Shack menus (but after waiting in line, who can resist always buying a hamburger) but I've never tried one myself.

We got a very detailed how to at Hot Dog Chicago Style, a site devoted to the traditional local dish. Sadly, not every ingredient was readily available in town, so To as to not upset any die hard fans of the site who may scoff at the slightest adaptation, I call our creation Chicago Hot Dog New York Style.

We used pepperocini peppers in place of sport peppers and regular relish instead of “bright green relish”?and sesame seed buns instead of poppy. We did find celery salt, though and if I were you I wouldn't skip this vital ingredient, a dash of it brightens the flavors.

Jim tells me this style hot dog began as hobo food.

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Posted on August 3, 2009