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judas priest stained class Why do I mention it now?

Because Judas Priest is coming to Jones Beach this July 12 – Jim will be there (and holding a free ticket that should have been mine, but unforeseen travel plans got in the way).

Here's what I said back on 5/14/07:

Remember the huge controversy in 1990 when Holford and band were on trial for causing the suicide death of two metal kids? That song is Better By You, Better Than Me, and it's just one of the crowning achievements, and my favorite, in this quick, powerful classic.

Songs like Exciter and Saints in Hell are fast and morbid, with Beyond The Realms Of Death, my second favorite song on Stained Class, as the only possible exception. It's a as ballady as the Priest gets, but still rocks with a death obsession in its awesome chorus.

Judas Priest has become my favorite heavy metal band. Partly because I never grew up listening to them as a kid, and each song and album has been a new exciting discovery for me.

This album is one of the best in their career and I think it resonates with me because It was also released on my exact birthday.

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Posted on June 15, 2009

Songs »18 and Life

18 and Life Skid Row Tequila in his heartbeat/
His veins burned gasoline/
It kept his motor runnin'/
But he never kept it clean

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Posted on December 12, 2005

Songs »The Ripper

judas priest ripper Yaaaaaaaaa!
One of the best screams in a song ever.
It sounds like a hit song from a broadway musical about Jack the Ripper starring Rob Holford. I would pay to see it.

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Posted on November 7, 2005