Places to Visit »Vauxhall City Farm

165 Tyers Street, London, Guest Written by Dana:

Vauxhall City Farm is a really adorable city farm that is free to visit. It has more animals than you would expect to see including pigs that to have their belly scratched, though I have only seen them peeking their noses out of their stalls.

There’s a cow statue that Bea got to milk, since we couldn’t get the other cows near enough to pet. Also ducks and rabbits.. and some chickens with feathered feet!

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Posted on June 11, 2011

Web Sites »Pixiwoo

Never Too Late To Learn the Smokey Eye… Guest Written by Dana:

Pixiwoo is a sister team of makeup artists, Samantha and Nicola Chapman that post video tutorials on how to apply makeup.

This is a truly inspirational site for someone, like me, who has always shied away from most makeup, especially any dramatic looks. Samantha favors fashion and catwalk looks and Nicola prefers celebrity styling.

For example, some vlog entries are: Everyday Summer Look with Wearable Red Lips, Elizabeth Taylor Makeup Tutorial, A Guide to Estee Lauder Lipsticks or Jennifer Lopez – ‘On the Floor’ Makeup.

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Posted on June 10, 2011

Places to Visit »Tyddyn Llan, Llangollen, Wales

Llandrillo, NR, Corwen, Denbighshire, North Wales LL21 0St UK, Guest Written by Dana:

Stephen surprised me with a weekend trip away to Wales. The hotel he chose was a “restaurant with rooms” called Tyddn Llan, run by a married couple. I only met the very charming wife, Susan,  who is the hostess at the front of the house, taking meal orders and offering tourist information during the day. Stephen did get a peek at Bryan, the husband, who is the chef.

This all takes place in the beautiful welsh countryside town of Llangollen in a  Georgian house with big gardens home to rabbits, a maze and tadpoles in the pond.

It was a fixed price menu and the food was creative but honest. Cooked perfectly, nice portions, you knew that you could order anything on the menu and you would get it the way it was meant to be served. It’s supposed to be the best restaurant in North Wales and has received many awards including a Michelin star.

We were invited to have drinks in the sitting room where Susan took our order and was able to explain every part of the menu. This seemed like grown up dining and at times we weren’t sure if we should have brought our 3 year old. The staff was very accommodating though, making sure they had homemade pasta/gnocchi for Bea in case she didn’t want another exotic choice (although, Bea did eat MY pate and Stephen’s lamb AND crab.. we usually tell her everything is “sausages”).

My favorite meal was breakfast though when I ordered Laverbread (seaweed mince) in an oat jacket on toast with scrambled eggs. Bea’s favorite meal was  a scotch egg, which is basically a hard boiled egg inside a sausage. I cant even bring myself to try it.

The staff was swift and kind and helpful, not words id use to ever describe customer service in the UK. The room was sweet. I was sad to go, but i couldnt imagine eating that well for more than 2 days in a row. We will definitely go back.

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Posted on June 7, 2011