Style Icons: Female »Maria Kochetkova

Untitled-1Ballerina With Fabulous Style

On stage Maria Kochetkova is a graceful, dynamic principle dancer with the San Francisco ballet. In real life, or at least what’s depicted online, she’s as charming as she is on pointe and one of the most interesting modern fashion icons you may have never heard of.

Over-sized Harry Potter glasses, lots of checks and polka dots, exaggerated silhouettes, and the looks of a mischievous pixie; quirky never looked so cute and genuinely fashionable.



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Posted on March 12, 2013

Style Icons: Female »Jacquie Tajah Murdock

Dancer Turned Model

At 82 years old Jacquie Tajah Murdock is making headlines as the new face of Lanvin. The gorgeous woman, who always harbored dreams of high fashion, grew up at a time when African American woman faced many obstacles – but with perseverance, she advanced herself academically and professionally as a dancer at the Apollo and expresses her personal, fantastic style daily.

First featured on the great site, Advanced Style (where the photos below came from), she’s been quoted as saying, of her style “I like to be different. I have the eye, and I don’t care if it’s cheap or expensive.”

She’s a true style icon and I’m elated for her new found and well deserved stardom.

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Posted on August 4, 2012

Laughs »Awesome Kid Caught Doing Dishes To ‘Smooth Criminal’

Smooth Moves

OK, so you’ve probably already seen this viral video of an awesome kid caught dancing to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal while doing the dishes.

But that doesn’t make it any less lovable.

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Posted on November 8, 2011

Style Icons: Female »Ludmilla Tchérina

Prima Ballerina

I was introduced to the unearthly beauty of Ludmilla Tchérina in the films of Powell and Pressberger (The Red Shoes and Tales of Hoffmann). Born an aristocrat, she lived a charmed life, but never took it for granted and made the most of her talents, luck and beauty.

She was ballet’s youngest prima ballerina, a choreographer, a respected artist whose sculptures can be seen in the French Euro-tunnel and European Parliament.

Pursued by movie stars (Orson Welles and Robert Taylor) Tchérina was exceptionally elegant and continued to exude artistic style well into her 60’s and 70’s.

While her name is not as well remembered now, young glamour girls would do well to look her up and take some cues from this uncommonly gorgeous woman.

Click here for the rest of Ludmilla Tchérina

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Posted on April 7, 2011

Laughs »John Jacobson and His Double Dream Hands

Awesome Dance Routine

Thanks dad for introducing me to the glory that is John Jacobson, the enthusiastic, glowing white toothed choreographer who has introduced me to the double dream hands move. The short instructional video may seem repetitive but you’ll want to stick around for the cabbage patching and free styling at the end.

Jacobson, as frighteningly Disney channel as he is, seems to be a man who means well. According to his site “John is the founder and volunteer president of America Sings! Inc., a non-profit organization that encourages young performers to use their time and talents for community service.”

But still, this just makes me laugh – and want to learn the routine for the next time I am find myself in spandex or in the middle of a dance party.

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Posted on December 9, 2010

Style Icons: Female »Loie Fuller

Amazing Dancer

I don’t always know how to interpret dance but when I saw this 1896 film of Loie Fuller and her Danse Serpentine, I was mesmerized, in love and fascinated… which is, after all what great art should do – evoke emotion even in those unversed in the medium.

Loie Fuller was originally from Chicago but as an inventive pioneer in dance she traveled the world and spawned many gorgeous French posters for her performances in the country which she decided to call home.

Not only a dancer who utilized incredible costumes, Fuller was also a lighting designer and holds patents in the field.

Click here for the rest of Loie Fuller

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Posted on November 30, 2010

Hunks »James Cagney

Dancing Gangster

From dangerous wise guy to fancy footed musical man, the uniquely manly James Cagney has had several faces in his varied career. Born on the Lower East Side, he was a real life tough guy before playing one in gangster films. And while it seems strange that a sex symbol would be born out of smashing a grapefruit in a woman’s face, here we are. Cagney’s real life persona was a far cry from a brute though. He stayed with his wife his entire life and was once s left leaning liberal (like so many, he veered more to the right the older he got). Also, in a very modern man move, he stayed out of the spotlight by purchasing his own farm where he would retire to often throughout his life. Plus, he’s got that crazy hair wave that defies explanation and makes me so happy.

Click here for the rest of James Cagney

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Posted on August 15, 2010

Spend a Couple Hours »32nd Annual Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Pow Wow

at the Queens County Farm Museum

The 32nd Annual Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Pow Wow has been on my calendar for about a year since I first heard about it. The costumes and performances did not disappoint and I was especially psyched for the kids that were carrying on the tradition. All the costumes were hand made and really stunning and incredible: neon quilting, huge feathers, intricate beading (in one instance, a tweety bird), and bell covered dresses, oh my. The dance ground was surrounded with booths that sold everything from Horseradish Pickles to a great chest plate necklace I was very, very tempted to splurge on.

This was my first visit to the Queens County Farm Museum, a lovely little place that hosts several events throughout the year. We rushed out as the weather got wild leaving behind the horseradish pickles unpurchased and a snack that will be on my mind until next year (or if I can find them elsewhere).

Click here for the rest of 32nd Annual Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Pow Wow

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Posted on July 25, 2010

Style Icons: Female »Jadin Wong

Famed Dancer

When Jadin Wong passed away at 96 recently, it was proclaimed “the end of an era”. I was introduced to the brassy, ballsy, eccentric and spectacular woman in a clip from a Budd Mishkin interview where, at 90, she was still dancing and told the world that she “kicked tush”. From nightclubs to Broadway to comedy to film, her career was varied and pioneering.

Click here for the rest of Jadin Wong

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Posted on April 18, 2010

Style Icons: Female »Cleo de Merode

Belle Epoque Dancer

As one of France’s most beloved dancers, Cleo de Merode caught the eye of artists (Gustav Klimt) and kings (Leopold II), the latter of which resulted in scandalous rumours that haunted her throughout her life despite the lurid tales of an affair being wholly untrue.

She gained even more admiration from a wider audience when she joined the Folies Bergere. Here’s a link to a 1897 article about her stateside arrival which describes her actual upbringing as much more humble than the royal background she claimed . I find her beguiling and the fashions she dons in her many portraits to be inspiring and beautiful. There are many to gaze at below/after the jump.

Click here for the rest of Cleo de Merode

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Posted on March 14, 2010

Style Icons: Female »Solid Gold Dancers

solid gold dancersPrime-time Glitz

Oh Solid Gold Dancers, how you added sparkle to my childhood.

My sister and I were highly influenced by their Lycra-clad glamor and  we’d dance around the basement, Meghan spinning me over her head, The Pointer Sisters blaring, envisioning ourselves as Saturday night television stars.

I also had a long-running joke where I’d ask for ‘salad gold’ for dinner.
Click here for the rest of Solid Gold Dancers

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Posted on November 15, 2009

Laughs »Kid in Red Shirt Dancing

This kid is the coolest dancer!! Made my day.

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Posted on October 19, 2009

Style Icons: Male »Patrick Swayze

patrick swayze road houseIt's easy to go Swayze crazy when you take the time to appreciate his fun career (hello Road House, Point Break, and Donnie Darko!). The once top billed star made women of all ages sigh and daydream at the idea of being lofted in the air mid-dance or making pottery muck love.

Among his listed quotes are “Good looking people turn me off. Myself included.” Sadly he reported as losing a painful fight with pancreatic cancer and all our hearts go out to him.

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Posted on September 7, 2009

Style Icons: Male »Merce Cunningham

merce cunninghamMerce Cunningham, worlds “greatest living choreographer”?died last week, a few months after celebrating his 90th birthday and seeing to a Legacy Plan defined as “a comprehensive road map for the future of the Cunningham Dance Foundation, as envisioned by founder Merce Cunningham.”

I have never seen one of Cunningham's pieces in person, though many clips on youtube can enlighten one to what he's all about, and even today it's pretty avant garde.

An extensive obituary detailing his career and life can be read at the New York Times. Be sure to view the slide show to see him as a mad looking genius sharing the stage with Mikhail Baryshnikov on his 80th birthday.

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Posted on August 3, 2009

Hunks »Ricky Starr

ricki starrOn a recent visit my dad reminisced about Ricky Starr, a ballet dancing wrestler who, despite his fey persona, sent grown, gruff enemies into hysterics of fear with his deadly legs.

While Starr may not be touted as a gay icon (his own sexuality was probably straight) I think it's awesome that he was kicking ass and gained tons of fans while prancing around and acting in the exact way that (still) scares most wrestling fans to death.

Starr was a professional dancer before entering the wrestling game, and you can witness his fancy footwork here.

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Posted on June 22, 2009

Hunks »Angel Corella

Why do I mention it now?

Because I love the new shaggy do and the season is nearly over. Your last chance to see Angel are the June 23 and 27 performances of Swan Lake.

Here's what I said back on 1/9/06:

Last year, I specifically chose the “Raymonda” performance that Angel would be performing. You can see him in the upcoming season of the American Ballet Theater, including Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet.

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Posted on June 15, 2009