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Dredd-1directed by Pete Travis (2012)

Well, what do you know!? Those shockingly good reviews for the blood splatter B-movie Dredd were right. It’s pretty darn good, in a gritty early 80’s way. There’s a fine line that the ultra violent film toes nicely: it takes itself seriously enough to be straightforward – not winking to the audience but has enough fun with the genre so as to not be mired down in pompous seriousness that plagues superhero movies these days. It’s not easy to manage the balance, if it were more popcorn movies would satisfy more often.

I’ve heard this one is very loyal to the original comics, and maybe that’s where the genius lies – someone adapted something the liked and was smart enough not to change it completely once they got their hands on it.

Dredd is played by hunky Karl Urban (not that you would know with his gruff one liners and never removing his helmet) and his lady sidekick, Olivia Thirlby is surprisingly good, empathetic even, as she blasts her way through the movie.. but it’s Lena Headley who has the most fun as a psychopath king pin named Mama.

Get the kids out of the room, settle in for some blood soaked action and enjoy.

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Posted on February 27, 2013

Books »DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

by Brandon T Snider (2011)

I have always, always loved bright, stat and photo filled reference books. As a kid I poured over this huge Your Fifty States Book and an old Hollywood guide of actors and actresses with glee.

So I was thrilled when friend and authorĀ  of The DC Comics The Ultimate Character Guide, Brandon Snider brought a signed copy of this bold, fun, informative book for little Van – because I will enjoy it as much as he will.

Now, super hero comics have never been my brand of nerd, but I love reading through the character’s vital stats, background, nicknames and super powers.

From Adam Strange (who defends the universe, but would rather hang out with his hot wife and baby daughter) to Zatanna a magician babe who not only fights forces of evil, but puts on elaborate magic shows in her spare time (in fishnets!), from the disgusting janitor turned purple toxic donut eating Parasite, to the comely Sebastian Ballesteros who for a brief, totally hunky moment became the studly male version of Cheetah, from Brainiac, who travels the universe in an insane Iron Maiden-esque skull ship to Harley Quinn who left her life as a respected psychiatrist to commit crimes with the Joker – there’s a super hero or villain here for everybody.

I can’t wait til Van is big enough to totally geek out with this.

Thanks Brandon!! (pictured below in one of his more sophisticated looks).

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Posted on July 31, 2011

Laughs »Inception Just A Scrooge McDuck Ripoff

Nolan, A Fraud?

Read all the evidence here.

“I owe it all to Donald Duck!” would be an awesome Oscar speech.

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Posted on February 21, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Harvey Pekar


I know that George Steinbrenner passing seems to be the biggest thing to ever happen in the state of New York, but if I ran the news there’d be more mention of the passing of Harvey Pekar. If you weren’t introduced to his self published, mostly autobiographical and highly influential comics, American Splendor, then perhaps you were aware of the unique artist through the movie of the same name.

His work was about the working class life, the mundane (as R Crumb described it “so staggeringly mundane it verges on the exotic.”) and personal anxieties – a far cry from the beginning of comics with their super hero fantasies. He always used artists he admired to illustrate his stories including like minded Crumb and Chester Brown.

He passed away July 12, the cause of death has not been released, but he had suffered with prostate cancer.

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Posted on July 18, 2010

Web Sites »QB Stuff

crime suspenstories qb stuffHave a great time browsing through the extensive QB Stuff gallery of precode crime and horror comics of the 1950's. Before the Comic Books Code of America got involved, covers and content used to be much darker and gruesome; my favorites are the EC Comics Crime and SuspensStories.

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Posted on April 27, 2009