Restaurants »Edelweiss

edel34 East Ramona Ave. Colorado Springs, CO

Edelweiss is everything an authentic German restaurant should be. There’s traditional costumes, accordion playing entertainment, deer heads and cuckoo clocks lining the walls, pitchers of crisp dark Dunkle, black forest torte, and huge, heaping plates of heavy meats and potatoes.

It’s been the spot for brat in my hometown of Colorado Springs since before I was born and¬†after a family friendly dinner last night, I can tell you it’s still the same. And that’s a good thing!

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Posted on March 17, 2013

Restaurants »La Baguette

2417 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO

About twice a year I get an tremendous craving for the fondue at La Baguette in my hometown of Colorado Springs. Having it was my one request during my recent visit and it lived up to all my fond memories. It has a different consistency than most fondues – less thick and appetizingly chunkier. I have no idea what type of cheese they use, but if I knew, I’d attempt to make it myself so I wouldn’t have to travel across the country to enjoy it (not that I don’t love visiting home!).

The cafe itself is nestled in Old Colorado City, an arty, old timey part of town that has barely changed since I left. Magic Town, a gallery featuring the pewter drunk hobo art of Michael Garman is still across the street from Simpich, the local puppetry and I have no doubt that my name is still carved into the benches at Bancroft Park by a former skateboarding boyfriend. It’s a lovely, historic part of town and worth a visit if you happen to be in the area. And of course, be sure to make La Baguette your lunch spot. And no worries, if fondue is not you cup of tea, there are sandwiches on homemade breads and amazing pastries.

Many people think that you have to live in a big city to find unique culinary experiences like this but in the middle of Colorado we grew up with both La Baguette and fellow Colorado French gem, La Creperie (which I’d like to have on my next visit home). What luck!

What local eateries do you adore from your own home town? Leave your dining tips as a comment!

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Posted on April 28, 2011

Places to Visit »Tattered Cover Book Store

1628 16th Street, Denver

Lately I’ve been sentimental about the places I grew up with, maybe because I’d like to take Van to them some day but sadly so many classic Colorado Springs shops are closed now:

Levine’s – a gorgeous old department store turned toy heaven, Michelle’s – the local old fashioned ice cream parlor, Bryan and Scott – the high class antique treasure trove where the charming, dapper owner Roberto would make us kids as comfortable around African sculptures and decorative vases as we would be in our own home (and where I got my lovely wedding ring), and Chinook Book Shop, where Dick Noyes looms as prominent in my childhood memories as Mr. Rogers.

Some how, Zeezo’s Magic Castle, Repeat Performance, and Barney’s Diner still hold on (though I was not too happy to hear Barney’s moved from a trailer to a brick and mortar spot).

So, long story short, I wanted to recommend at least one of my childhood loves that still exists. This one a couple hours north in Denver – The Tattered Cover Book Store. It will probably be a while until I set foot in the mammoth, multi floor book store, but you totally have to if you find yourself in the area, if only because bookstores like this are a dying breed.

I pretty much grew up in book stores – either crawling around during my dad’s book signings or as a family in our free time, accumulating large stacks of new books to read (even now my biggest splurge is on dozens of used books). Tattered Cover is one of the most memorable book shops of them all – and I can vividly recall details from my time spent there. The winding stair cases, the magazine corner on the first floor which was the only place on the planet (or so it seemed at the time) to see forgeign Vogues and stuff even more exotic.

I can almost exactly remember the layout of the fiction floor, the large nook with the art books, the back area where shelves of tween fiction enticed me (the Sweet Valley Highs, which I secretly wanted but was to embarrassed to ask for lined the bottom shelf) as well as the science fiction and mystery sections around the corner. There was even a well stocked paper doll section, which is where I learned about Erte, Dior and Poiret (thanks Tom Tierney). Every corner offered a well worn seat to relax and read in. Even with the most ernest attempts, a new spot could never feel this lived in and cozy and would never match the ambiance of this place.

This site offers an odd little video tour and takes credit for the lovely photo below.

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Posted on March 13, 2011

Restaurants »The Golden Bee

Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, CO

My old home in Colorado stands in the foothills above The Broadmoor, a hotel originally built in the late 1800’s that was the backdrop for lots of childhood memories (from feeding ducks on the pond to making out with a boyfriend named Jeff under on of its huge bushes).

There are several restaurants housed in the hotel, which we frequented as kids (beginning a love for fancy foods) but since those days, the hotel’s become less welcome to the surrounding community save for the exquisitely handsome British pub, The Golden Bee that hosts sing a long ragtime at night and classic food lunch and dinner.

The restaurant, where any vest and monocle wearing gentlemen would feel comfortable came to Colorado in the sixties – a complete 19th century pub reassembled from England. It’s really lovely to look at and the food is great to boot. They serve a jar of cheese butter spread that haunts dreams and offer great takes on traditional dishes like fish and chips and ploughman’s lunch.

A visit isn’t complete without a golden bee sticker (which that waiter tosses at your shirt) and at least a half yard of beer. Jim and I had a great time there during a visit last year.

Click here for the rest of The Golden Bee

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Posted on October 20, 2010

Desserts »Rembrandt Cake at Old Heidelberg

Rembrandt Cake at Old Heidelberg I was so lucky to grow up with such an amazing german pastry shop in my home town. We had the cake pictured for Jim's birthday.

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Posted on December 12, 2005

Places to Visit »Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Whenever I'm in Colorado Springs, CO, I make a point to visit this extraordinary mountaintop zoo. Imagine a really clean, relatively uncrowded, pleasant smelling, non-depressing zoo. That zoo you just imagined is this zoo!

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Posted on December 5, 2005