Restaurants »Bar Suzette

At The Chelsea Market

You just can’t resist the scent of truffles. And once you’ve caught the scent you can’t duplicate with anything else. Sorry, was that all too yuppie to say? Well, regardless it’s true.

And when an after doctor appointment stroll took me to Chelsea market, Bar Suzette drew me in with truffle mozzarella crepes and I couldn’t say no. Luckily I’m so pregnant and sore and tired and hungry all the time that I didnt have to say no. Or explain the fact that it was merely a pre lunch snack.

You normals out there can partake in this as a light meal. The stand is open earlier than many of the market restaurants too, in case you need a bite on the early side.

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Posted on June 30, 2012

Desserts »Empire Cake Snoballs

112 8th Ave

Homemade Sno Ball? Yes please!

Empire, formerly called Lulu Cakes offers these sweet bombs that are miles away from the strange though familiar childhood pucks.

I was happy to find the cake to be moist and thick and the inner frosting to be sweet and thick (you can share these if your sweet tooth his not up to par).

The Chelsea bakery also makes yelpers go wild with their snack cakes – which are like homemade Twinkies.

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Posted on February 15, 2012

Spend a Couple Hours »Sleep No More

530 West 27th Street

Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel is a remarkable, singular theater going experience. It’s often compared to a haunted house, which I suppose it is in format.

You enter and are left to explore several floors of darkened hallways and creepy stuff but this Macbeth performance is far more complex than your run of the mill scare tactics.

Everyone’s experience will differ. I personally spent a lot of time with the scenery – all of which you can interact with and in my case, accidentally thieve. (I was ushered out of a room with a prayer card on my hand).

There’s action happening all around but rather than closely follow this fellow masked audience members I kind of drifted in and out if the action. Sometimes I’d have neat moments alone with an actor but I also missed some things, but everyone does which is why if I had money I’d be going back for more.

Aside from impeccable, intriguing set design (the witches den, old hotel, and detective agency are particularly enthralling) the performance itself, consisting of a lot of interpretive dance can be amazing like a number featuring a pregnant woman on the top shelf of a book case and the big ballroom.

While one of the more intense scenes (trust me you’ll know it when you see it) would be most impressive to a 19 year old who’s really into David Lynch. If that sounds snarky, I once was a 19 year old really into David Lynch and it was  a pretty great thing to be. I guess just different things affect me now (the first long dark hallway alone gave me the willies more than the sight of blood).

Since we needed to trade off babysitting duties Jim and I went alone the same night several hours apart. I think solo is a great way to experience this and the makers seem to agree as there are several attempts by them to break you apart from friends.

There’s so much to say about Sleep No More but it’s better to find out for yourself and then we will chat.

I’ll just say that it’s really fantastic and inventive so if anything I’ve written intregued you I highly suggest you buy a ticket today, right now! You might regret it if you miss this one!

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Posted on November 16, 2011

Desserts »Pretzel Croissant

From City Bakery

Oh, City Bakery is there anything you can’t do? Your cookies are a baking delight, your hot chocolate is borderline insane and now you introduce me to the pretzel croissant.

It’s as tasty as it is pretty (just look at that golden brown crust, those swirls of soft white center…) These were made even better by the fact that Shaun got them for free.

It’s an insiders trick I’ve never took advantage of myself – but often, if you stop by near closing time – complimentary left over goodies might be offered.

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Posted on January 13, 2011

Desserts »Cat Head Cupcakes from Ruthy’s Bakery

75 9th Avenue

If you really want to take your party to the next level, bust out a small army of cat head cupcakes! Shaun was awesome enough to pick these up from Ruthy’s – the bakery with all the wild cookie monster cakes at Chelsea Market. As a lover of icing and cats, there really is nothing better than this, though even me, with a monster sweet tooth had to eat one in two sittings. The head is full of an icing/cake mixture that is not for the faint of heart when it comes to sugar rushes. Seriously, these were the coolest party surprise ever. Ruthy’s can make custom ones to bring delight to your loved ones too even if they’re not cat ladies.

Click here for the rest of Cat Head Cupcakes from Ruthy’s Bakery

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Posted on August 29, 2010

Spend a Couple Minutes »Rags to Richesse: Rugs from Morocco

210 11th Ave

It was one of those 90 plus days, I had already been on my feet for a couple hours, but somehow I still managed to waddle all the way over to 11th Avenue to the Cavin Morris Gallery for thier Rags to Richesse show. It was worth the sweat and lightheadedness. These bright, vibrant, unusual rugs, called boucherouite are made from recycled clothing and materials, not necesarily in a move by the Morroccan women who make them to go green but out of necesstty as more traditional materials (wool in particular) has grown scarcer than the demand.

The show’s been extended through August 20 and is a must see. If my purse had allowed it, I would have walked away with a few of these for myself. Here is a great review in the Times.

Click here for the rest of Rags to Richesse: Rugs from Morocco

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Posted on August 8, 2010

Drinks »Mint Watermelon Lemonade

at The Big Booty Bread Co, 261 West 23rd St

I really don’t think that while I was waddling the streets of Chelsea in the heat that I could have dreamt up anything more appealing than a sign telling me to “cool off” with “Mint Watermelon Lemonade”. It was The Big Booty Bread Co, which I recommended years ago for their sweets, that was offering this lovely refreshing beverage that sounded like the elixir of the gods to me (mint, watermelon and lemonade?? in one drink?? genius!) and it was heavenly. Here’s a recipe over at Smitten Kitchen if you care to make it yourself (just add mint).

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Posted on August 8, 2010

Desserts »People’s Pops

in the Chelsea Market

As you can tell from all the photos I’ve been sent from Shaun, People’s Pops, located in the Chelsea Market, is his new obsession and subsequently, mine. Can you think of a more refreshing sweet than fresh local fruit popsicles with winning combinations like raspberry/mint, strawberry/rhubarb,  yellow plum/mint and apricot/cardamom? I was so jealous of Shaun’s many visits and finally went myself the other day. I ordered the apricot/cardamom at the counter guy’s recommendation and it was out of this world. Future days in the city will revolve around a stop by this place for the rest of the summer.

Click here for the rest of People’s Pops

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Posted on August 1, 2010

Restaurants »Chelsea Thai

in the Chelsea Market – 75 9th Avenue

I love the Chelsea Market, but spend much less time there than I’d like. While a Ronnybrook chocolate chip shake and a lobster roll are my go-to indulgences when I do make it to the west side foodie heaven, during a recent trip with my family, (and an unbelievably long lobster place line) we opted for the overlooked Chelsea Thai, the best Thai in the city according to a very picky friend.

Their Larb Gai, one of my favorite dishes anywhere, was certainly note worthy – tempter rising spicy and loaded with complex incredible flavor. Most of the noodle dishes are also great, though after ordering via number system, I can’t recall the particular names of the ones we sampled. I do know that one was uncharacteristically bland in comparison (it had a soy sauce and lettuce).

Rarely too packed, I highly recommend you give this place a try next time you’re in the mood for something substantial and with kick. And a Ronnybrook is perfect for cleansing the spice afterwards.

Click here for the rest of Chelsea Thai

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Posted on May 23, 2010

Spend a Couple Minutes »The Highline

from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to 34th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues

With 50 mile per hour winds, it may not have been the most brilliant day to bring my family to the Highline Park, but even the threat of getting whisked away didn’t damper the experience (well, except for my nephew Bixby, who found the threatening winds to be not at all to his liking). It’s taken me this long to finally see the lovely park that itself took so long to be realized. Once a functioning freight rail the structure sat unused and rotting for decades until The Friends of the Highline saved it from destruction and helped to build the new, sprawling park that offers great views, lots of room to relax, and various wild flowers. It also “offers a hopeful model for industrial reuse for other cities around the world.” I certainly will be trying to make more visits as the weather continues to improve.

Click here for the rest of The Highline

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Posted on May 9, 2010

Spend a Couple Minutes »Demons, Yarns and Tales

Demons, Yarns and Talesat James Cohan Gallery, 533 West 26th Street

Prepare for some tapestry madness over in Chelsea at the James Cohan Gallery’s “Demons, Yarns and Tales,” exhibit that runs through Feb 13. All the tapestries on display are over-sized and incredible. The work is though provoking – (from the eerie historical work of Kara Walker, to the politically violent and vibrant work of Grayon Perry (one of my favorites)), exquisite – (like Fred Tomaselli’s After Migrant Fruit Thugs and Shahzia Sikander’s Pathology of Suspension), and colorfully pleasing (avaf’s pop culture mish mash and Beatriz Milhazes’ Pucci like design).

I’ll try to return to the friendly gallery when the show comes down to see the YUN-FEI JI Mistaking Each Other for Ghosts show. But don’t you wait that long! If you are a friend to tapestries, sewing, fabric art and textiles, the current show cannot be missed.

Click here for the rest of Demons, Yarns and Tales

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Posted on January 24, 2010

Restaurants »Sarabeth’s

sarabeth's green and white75 Ninth Avenue

Sarabeth’s original uptown location is a breakfast institution for some, but aside from her super yummy spreadable fruit that I’ve picked up from grocery stores, I had never partaken in a Sarabeth Levine meal. A recent visit to the Chelsea Market, a spot I always wonder why I don’t visit more often, changed all that.

The market location is small, with a couple small tables and some stools, but the flavors were big. I opted for the “Green and White”, scrambled eggs with scallions and cream cheese. It may seem like an odd combo, but trust me, drop some cream cheese and fresh scallions in your next batch of morning eggs and then try to tell me it’s not fantastic. There are several Sarabeth’s locations throughout the city.

Click here for the rest of Sarabeth’s

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Posted on January 17, 2010

Drinks »The Frying Pan

the frying pan viewThe Frying Pan is one part of a new generation of Manhattan must-do spots that has been on my own list since it re-opened. An afternoon with my family recently offered the perfect opportunity to finally check it off and enjoy a few Blue Point Blueberry beers under blue skies with the quiet sway of the water and views of Chelsea and the water.

The salvaged historic boat that once sat at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay sits off shore of the newly renovated water front along the West Side Highway. The barnacled bar is reportedly pretty divey, crowded, and wild on the expected nights, but if you can get there in the afternoon, it's an eccentric oasis among the busy city and the kind of place you can relax for hours at.

Make sure to take a carpeted walk down to the bathroom for a real old timey ship environment and, if you're hungry, Adam seemed to enjoy his hot dog.

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Posted on July 6, 2009

Restaurants »R.U.B.

R.U.B. 208 W. 23rd Street R.U.B. stands for Righteous Urban Barbeque. And it deserves the name. We went with a large group and everyone enjoyed their meals, from bbq chicken sandwich with “sloppy toppies” (in this instance meaning coleslaw) to bbq half duck. Most of us opted for ribs and as you can see from Mike and Astrid's before and after shot, our plates were licked clean.

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Posted on December 18, 2005

Desserts »Fried Oreos at R.U.B.

Fried Oreos at R.U.B. Yes, R.U.B. gets two categories this week. Their only dessert is fried oreos – an oreo battered in fried dough. The only reason to not completely pig out on dinner is to saved room for one of these. Trust me, one is enough.

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Posted on December 18, 2005