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643 Manhattan Ave,and a Million Other Locations

Father’s Day afternoon: Van is sacked out in my arms, so (best daddy ever) Jim has to go down to the land of I-forgot-to-get-a-cake, the Baskin Robbins attanched to the Dunkin Donuts for his own Father’s Day Cake.

As someone familiar with Carvel and Hersheys cakes in the past, I expected that strange sugary plastic icing and ultra sweetness. To my surprise, Baskin does things a little classier. The icing is more like whipped cream and doesn’t even coat your mouth with oddness.

It does, of course, still end up looking like some crazy clown nightmare by the time you’re nearly done though (see photo), as all ice cream cakes should.

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Posted on June 19, 2011

Drinks »Strawberry Orange Julius

strawberry orange juliusAside from dragging my mom out to the Chapel Hills mall, reopening Contempo Casuals, popping a babydoll dress and doc martens on me, and having “Heaven is a Place on Earth” blasting, there are very few things that could take me back to my awkward tweens more than the sweet, sweet frothy pleasure of a strawberry Orange Julius. Just like the once mighty Z. Cavaricci, it's an empire that's faded with time and higher standards and you'd be hard pressed to find a store to fulfill this nostalgic treat.

Tinton Falls (which I once described in great detail on this very blog) is one of the recent malls still sporting the chain. And while the option of “extra egg whites” is no longer on the menu and the fact that, like a recently divorced dad it has to share a pad with Dairy Queen, the Julius was as tasty as those adolescent days where every living idiot boy was a vague (and eventually disappointing) romance waiting to happen, notebooks were littered with doodles and heartfelt poetry, and gossiping on the school's front lawn with your closest girlfriends was the center of your entire week.

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Posted on May 25, 2009