Spend a Couple Minutes »Pick Your Oscar Dress

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It’s that time again – to watch the red carpet, scoff through the introductory song (anyone recall the damning performance by Snow White and Rob Lowe or the embarrassing rework of Hey Yeah?)

Its also time to pick our dresses and before Paris Fashion weeks even begun (no fair).

I’m going off kilter and choosing a dynamic, quirky gown from visionary Mary Katrantzou. Add a structured top knot and Rodarte clunky heels to top it off and I’d be set.

What about you? What’s your fantasy Oscar dress? Tell us!

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Posted on February 25, 2012

Spend a Couple Minutes »Pick Your Golden Globes Dress

Link to Your Dress in the Comments

Sure, it’s just the stupid Golden Globes, but choosing a dress is still fun.

Was thinking something young and short and the first look that popped in my head was Louis Vuitton’s iceprincess mini from Spring. Yes, with a little beehive this will do just fine.

Leave a link to your outfit in the comments.

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Posted on January 12, 2012

Spend a Couple Hours »Jim Henson’s Fantastic World (and More)

3601 35th Avenue, Astoria

The Museum of Moving Image underwent a major renovation recently and looks great. Their current semi permanent exhibit is a fun look at movie making. It explores costumes, sound design, acting, editing and more with crowd pleasing artifacts (like Chewbaca’s mask, a Freddy Krueger prop and a large Blade Runner model) as well as fun hands on features.

Kids we having a great time doing voice over work and making special effects while Van and I made our own little video which we could and did buy as a flip book in the gift shop (pictured below).

It’s a family friendly environment and all ages will love the current Jim Henson’s Fantastic World exhibit. Just good to note: no strollers or photos allowed so bring that carrier for little little ones.

Many actual puppets are on display from Kermit the Frog, to Miss piggy, Fraggles to Bert and Ernie but Van was simply tickled with the Mahna Mahna and backup singer puppets – laughing and pointing when we got near them. He also found an old Kermit video about jazz absolutely hilarious.

Some of my personal favorites were early drawings of big bird, some wicked Skeksis jewelry from the Dark Crystal, and a delightful early film he made that plays on a loop on the middle level called time piece. Also be sure to watch the La Choy dragon commercial within the commercial video loop. It’s awesome.

On our way out we couldn’t resist the unique gift of a black and white Elmo doll, a strange Japanese product that van has taken a liking to wrestling with, hugging and eating it’s eyeballs.

Really look forward to taking him to future exhibits at this great new space.

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Posted on September 12, 2011

Web Sites »The Art of the Title Sequence

A Compendium and Leading Web Resource of Film and Television Title Design

Whether it’s for a work of genius or Inner Space, you can find a comprehensive exploration of title sequence at the aptly named website, Art of the Title Sequence.

They include collages and information from films old and new, television series domestic and foreign.

Not only is there lots of images and videos, but often they will really get into the hows and whys with the sequence creators.

I discovered the site while looking up the most excellent titles to the less than excellent Gentlemen Broncos and found an involved interview with the director and photos of how they made it. (A photo of the books used in the sequence is after the jump).

There’s lots to go through and browsing will be a joy for anyone equally obsessed with what is sometimes the best part about a show or movie.

Click here for the rest of The Art of the Title Sequence

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Posted on July 24, 2011

Laughs »Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of “Fast Five”

I Want the Cars to Drive Fast and Then Some of Them Explode

I am sure you’ve seen this clip floating around, but it’s a good one! I’d actually watch the movie if this kid lent his narration to it. Maybe in a special Bluray edition?

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Posted on May 5, 2011

Web Sites »Retrospace

Fab Blog

Retrospace is a new discovery for me and a great, constantly updated treasure trove of all things retro: from long forgotten magazines, catalogues, found photographs, TV shows and books. There are also Podcasts that feature old radio ads, novelty songs and other intriguing oddities.

The archives go back three years, so I have only really scratched the surface but I am in love already. Any blog where you can find Mexican porno mags from the 70’s and a history of stewardess outfits through the decades is alright with me. Do set aside some real time to go through it all.

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Posted on April 18, 2011

Spend a Couple Minutes »Choose Your Oscar Dress

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It’s a silly tradition I can never get rid of. Every year I choose a dress that I would wear to the Oscars. This time it’s an exquisitely lovely lilac gown from the Givenchy Couture Collection.

The Julien Macdonald dress is for all the after parties.

Who would you be wearing?

Leave link to your dress as a comment.

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Posted on February 25, 2011

Laughs »Inception Just A Scrooge McDuck Ripoff

Nolan, A Fraud?

Read all the evidence here.

“I owe it all to Donald Duck!” would be an awesome Oscar speech.

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Posted on February 21, 2011

Laughs »Alternate Universe Movie Posters

by Sean Hartter

Thanks Mike for showing me these hilarious Alternate Universe Movie Posters. They kind of remind me of our “Development Hell” category over on Rotating Corpse, but I certainly can’t claim my slapdash photoshopping compares to these clever and detailed masterworks.

I’ve only posted a few favorites here, be sure to check them all out – and dream of a world where Tim Curry plays the Joker, here.

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Posted on January 18, 2011

Laughs »Imaginings Of The Smurfs Movies

At Rotating Corpse

Mount Smurfmore, the Blue Man group, Josh Duhamel, purple epidemics, hip hop cruises, gut busting pizzas, and a new Wimpy Smurf voiced by Woody Allen. These are all things you will not see in The Smurfs movie that comes out this holiday season

You will find them all in Rotating Corpse’s latest collaborative project though.

It’s still wildly stunning to me that a 3D animated/live action Smurfs movie is actually happening so I decided to ask all the Rotating Corpse contributers tell me what they would do if they were in charge of the project.

The results will blow your mind, probably as much as Hank Azaria’s will be blown once he realizes what he’s done.

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Posted on September 18, 2010

Movies »Irma Vep

directed by Olivier Assayas (1996)

Whether his work is always completely successful or not, Olivier Assayas is one of the most interesting film makers working today and his projects are engaging and memorable for their unique point of view and vitality. Irma Vep is probably his simplest work and one of my favorites.

In it, Hong Kong action star and dazzling charmer, Maggie Cheung is a stranger in Paris. Playing herself, she is cast in a French remake of the silent film classic Les Vampires. The film shines as an ode to movie making, but in a realistic way. Assayas is one of the few film makers who has a genuine interest in portraying creative working life as it really is. One could be forgiven for at first thinking this was a documentary, it balances a kinetic ballet of realism that reminds us of the best scenes from Altman movies, sans a major plot.

In fact, Irma Vep is rather aimless and subtle with not too much “happening” (in cinematic terms) but it’s never, ever boring – rather inspiring and exhilarating. From the off kilter and manically lovely costume designer, Zoe (played by Nathalie Richardson), to the fading, possibly insane and passionate director, Rene (played by Jean-Pierre Leaud, possibly channeling his one time director, Truffaut, whom he now resembles), you feel like you are watching the interactions of characters that are fully alive and real.

It’s visually striking and makes one sentimental about the transient, temporary and vibrant world of collaborative creative projects (especially if you’ve ever worked on a movie before). Irma Vep was released on Criterion Collection and is currently available on Netflix instant.

Click here for the rest of Irma Vep

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Posted on September 5, 2010

Web Sites »Wrong Side of the Art

Horror, sci-fi, exploitation, cult, trash, B-movie posters

The fabulous site, Wrong Side of the Art comes up constantly in my google image searches offering gems from their substantial archives of B and cult movie posters. I’ve included a few greats below/after the jump, but any fan owes it to themselves to just sucked into a few hours of browsing the incredible art featured in this site organized into categories like lucha libre, German sex comedy, hicksploitation, and cannibal.

Click here for the rest of Wrong Side of the Art

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Posted on June 20, 2010

Web Sites »Cult Trailers

“trailers for the kinds of movies that respectable movie audiences stay away from in droves”

Cult Trailers is what it promises, an awesome array of cult movie trailers as well as amazing cover art (a selection of which are below/after the jump) and some information about the movies. The site is sure to introduce me to many lost gems (including this week’s hunk Franco Nero) and has already sparked my memories about movies I used to eye in the video store as a kid such as I Dismember Mama, Student Bodies, Happy Birthday to Me, and House of Whipcord. Lots of time can be sucked away here, so beware!

Click here for the rest of Cult Trailers

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Posted on April 25, 2010

Web Sites »Chained and Perfumed

I really can't recall how I came across the blog Chained and Perfumed but damned if I don't feel a kinship with their sensibility. From the site:

“This blog covers mostly pop culture garbage (mid to low brow). I am interested in music, old movies, television (though I haven't really followed a series since Buffy left the air), non fiction reading, old magazines(!), and celebrity gossip. My favorite movies as of late are Modesty Blaise, Bay of Angels and The Long Goodbye. My favorite band is The Beatles (Paul's my favorite but I like them all) and Pavement and lots more. I love old magazines.”

Sounds great to me! (except the whole Pavement hoopla, but I think that's just a boy thing).

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Posted on August 17, 2009

TV Shows »Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is nerdy in a bad way sometimes (I could skip having to watch the awkward hiaku reviews) but it's also got that kind of nerd charm that can be enjoyable. The hosts are very LA Current TV stock (see XPlay) and the faux banter between can be lame, but easily over looked because these two kids do grow on you (she especially when you see how much prettier and like a normal cool girl you might know she looks like under all that makeup).

But the real reason we watch every week is just because I miss movie previews on Sundays. I was always a fan of Siskle and Ebert and even went along with it when it became Ebert and Roper. But it's “hip”, “younger” reincarnation staring uncharasmatic douches name Josh was unpalettable.

Rotten Tomatoes gives a well rounded point of view of new releases including online viewers, critics, and to their credit, they also reference and recommend many older and sometimes lesser known films.

It's not a ground breaking or life changing show and it could be too much for you depending on your tolerance for geekdom, but I enjoy it despite it's flaws and am happy at least some people are still wathcing, loving and reviewing movies.

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Posted on August 3, 2009

Web Sites »E Movie Poster

emovieposter astonding she monsterE Movie Poster is about to take away a lot of your time, and possibly money, but you won't mind. There are just so many amazing images to look through: posters in all shapes and sizes, from every decade and genre.

You can search for exactly what you're looking for and bid away on something fun for your walls, or you can just browse through the images and maybe be inspired to add some forgotten possible gems to your Netflix queue.

Just in the past few moments, I've uncovered “the most savage film in history” and it stars Murphy Brown. I've also had my interest piqued by a Joan Collins vehicle called Tales That Witness Madness! (which is not available on DVD) and what about Deadly Blessing, anyone remember this poster for a Wes Craven thriller that rips on his own classic Nightmare on Elm Street poster (and, from what I've read, stars Ernest Borgnine as an Amish ringleader).

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Posted on July 13, 2009

Web Sites »The Art of Poster

Why do I mention it now?

Because after that tiny show at the MoMA, you might be jonesing for more spectacular Polish poster design.

Here's what I said on 5/1/06:

This is a phenomenal website for design inspiration. The Polish certainly know a thing or two about composition and imagery.

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Posted on June 15, 2009