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sweet farm cupcakesWhen this place was opening, I hoped for the best: cupcakes and cookies. With a name like Sweet Farm, it wasn't too much to hope for. Luckily, I was right and very good cupcakes were finally available on my walk home (no word yet on the cookies, although they were extremely tempting). I got the Oreo cupcake with vanilla frosting, which was much better than the chocolate/chocolate.

I like that they've made them their own way, veering from the two schools of cupcake making (the Magnolia branch, which consists of sugary icing, and the Cupcake Cafe branch of buttery icing.) This is more on the sugary side, but an entirely different entity, much easier to eat without getting a sugar rush or being able to imagine your teeth falling out as you chew. The cake itself is pretty dense and hearty, and could be a touch moister (actually all the cupcakes in Manhattan could take that same criticism).

But if you're in the neighborhood, this nouveau country kitchen decorated newbie is well worth your time and two dollars. It was nearly empty when I stopped by, except for an oddly overly affectionate couple, so I hope more people start lining up to keep it in business.

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Posted on August 13, 2007

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