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supersweet.orgSupersweet is an aptly titled website with a plethora of cool things to teach you about cool things. It's introducing me to new music, like Eine Kleine Nacht Musik which seems interesting. They have nifty street fashion segment called uber street. There's lots to explore in the art world, like these fab sculptures from the RCA show. They feature some mind reeling music videos in their TV section by artists like Animal Collective. It's basically got everything you could want to keep yourself on the road to constantly discovering new things.

There is also a shop where the zine version of their goodness can be found as well as some hip jewelry and awesomely goofy stickers.

It is also run by some truly super sweet people. They have offered a banner ad to me for free and I am honored to be among their links.

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Posted on July 14, 2008

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