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summer play festivalWe love the idea of theater, it makes me laugh. I never see very much of it though, so when I heard about the Summer Play Festival, or SPF as it's called, a two week play extravaganza with ten dollar tickets to every show, I was thrilled.

With those prices, I was finding that shows were already getting sold out at decent show times after work (like many things in the city, the festival seems to forget the huge working population who can not do anything at 6pm on a weekday).

We opted for a matinee show of a comic/serious romp (what else could be better for the stage) called The Nightshade Family (see photo) about a dentist and her estranged brother. I have no idea how good any of these plays will be, but for only ten dollars, it's a great chance to claim an atypical evening experience and take advantage of the city's on stage offerings.

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Posted on July 23, 2007

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