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Still the Same Bob SegerWow! Having never, to my knowledge, known what Seger looked like, I pictured him to look, frankly, pretty lame (the image fit with Like a Rock”). I imagined he already looked like an aging rock star at 33–but I was so wrong. And while he sure looks like an aging rock star now, in the video of him singing this song, he's a pretty picture of flat bed truck love making and even looks like he'd cuddle as the sun rose in a haze of bourbon and long hair.

This classic, which he penned in 1978, was a reaction to the high risk lifestyle Seger encountered his first time on the West Coast, a lifestyle represented by high stakes gambling in the lyrics. It still resonates with listeners today, including one youtube commenter who says “This song is my ex-wife the gambling addict”.
Rod Stewart made the song his own later. He's like a disease.

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Posted on October 22, 2007

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