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stew leonard's sparkling lemonadeStew Leonard's, home of the $5 lobster roll (and it's tasty too!), has done it again. This time proving that those fancy bottles of French Sparkling Lemonade, the ones often found in city grocery stores for $8 a pop, can be sold at half that for two bottles.

We opted for the pink version (also available in traditional) and have been enjoying it in these heat wavey days of Summer.

The pink version was invented by a one Henry E. “Bunk Allen” Allot who ran away at 15 with the circus and ran their lemonade concession stand. As a boy who ran away to join the circus at 15 might be prone to do, he messed up one day and accidentally dropped some cinnamon candies in the lemonade mix. They new colored drink sold so well that the pink drink carried on to this day, though grenadine is often used in place of cinnamon sweets.

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Posted on July 28, 2008

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