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bbqI love a good grocery store as much as the next guy (probably more, actually) but it still took some convincing to make the Stew Leonard's detour off I-87. There are four big reasons I am glad I did:
1. Two darn good lobster rolls for ten dollars!
2. Their smoky, scrumptious, smoked mozzarella balls.
3. Their daily fresh, hand-made tortillas that put other brands to shame and make me never want to touch a ziplock Mission bag again.
4. Animatronics!!! Singing bananas, cows, and monkeys.
And this is only what I discovered on my first trip. It gets crowded on Sunday evenings, but it's nice and quiet on off hours (so swear my friends).

*Also good to note that this weekend is the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party and I'm really, seriously, finally going to brave the crowds, the heat, and the reluctance to ride the subway on summer weekends to partake in this year's fifth annual event. All the photos from previous food-loving attendees make it look like heaven.

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Posted on June 4, 2007

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