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Of all the familiar supermodel faces that have been reemerging lately, I think I am most happy to see the kick ass Stephanie Seymour. She was once the rebellious teen who dated the much older modeling agency magnet John Casablancas and Warren Beatty.

Rumors of her romances reached my sister and my young ears and a fascination was born. A fascination that of course only grew when we saw her with her beau Axl Rose, beating up chicks in jealous bar fights and getting married looking like a sugar plum fairy amidst a bunch of Riki Rachtmans. She always had an almost scary edge with a regal face.

Now that she’s older, more established and settled in her eccentric life as the wife of a millionaire I find her even more fabulous. She’s a collector of eccentric art, including a gigantic duplicate of?Jeff Koons’ floral puppy in her back yard, an enviable collector of vintage clothing and generally has the kind of life that amazes. She dated Axl Rose, she had a part in a Law and Order(!), and now she struts around her manicured massive garden with her horse in nothing but heals and a full length fur coat? Brilliant.

Little wonder that Juergen Teller has called her one of his muses. The photos he’s taken of her are the best.

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Posted on May 26, 2008

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