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stellaSadly, there's only one season of Stella, but combined with the Stella Shorts (made before the TV show and available here) you still have a whole day of great surreal comedy viewing. Michael Showalter (reported womanizer), Michael Ian Black (the pansexual sex symbol), and David Wain (the nice man's David Cross) met at NYU and have made lots of funny together including the cult favorite MTV show The State.?/p>

In Stella, they hit their stride with some episodes among the most laugh-out-loud I have ever seen on the small screen (I'm particularly partial to the Office Party and Paper Route episodes). While Stella and its creators have gained a cult following (their film Wet Hot American Summer played in the midnight movie circuit and just try to get a ticket to any of their comedy shows–you'll be amazed by how quickly they sell out), there are still tons of people I've met who haven't seen this show and who would love it. The series is available on DVD, so watch or rewatch them now!

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Posted on September 10, 2007

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