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stacy peraltaI was pretty much obsessed with sk8r boys as a young impressionable. I devoured the random Thrashers I would find at boy friend's houses (as in a friend who is a boy, not a boyfriend). In those precious pages, Gator was always the cutest BUT then he killed a girl and wasn't anymore. And though Tony Hawk was okay, he was a bit too popular (young girls who think they're unique never go for the most popular dudes, it's gotta be Jonathan Knight over Joey McIntyre; John Taylor over Simon Le Bon).

I never saw Stacy Peralta growing up, he was a generation before my time, but if I had seen him I would have been a devoted follower and cried in the night just thinking of the day we could be together. He would have been the ultimate big deal skater boy of the illustrious skater boy type I thought was my dream and my destiny.

I so wanted one of my own, I even insisted one slightly nerdy kid get a skater hair cut so that I could date him. He did and other girls began to like him and then he lost interest in me.

There weren't many real skaters at my school so my friends and I would ogle the skater boys from other schools at Acacia Park, once one even flashed us his balls. I did finally end up dating one and that pretty much cured me of my obsession.

To this day however, I feel little butterflies in the stomach for an adorable boy on a skate board. And I still regret the teen age fantasies I could have indulged in if Peralta were in more prominent in Thrasher magazines from the early 1990s.

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Posted on July 30, 2007

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