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st johns cemeteryLocated in Middle Village, Queens in a sea of other cemeteries lies St John, the Roman Catholic place of rest of the bunch. It is massive, one of the largest in New York, so if you don't know where the person you're looking for is interred, good luck.

We were looking for Mike's ancestors, but we just missed the office hours, and really just ended up wandering around for an hour or so. We failed?to see the graves of the many notorious Mafioso buried here, including John Gotti and Lucky Luciano, nor did we see the resting place of Robert Mapplethorpe, but call me Morrissey, I don't mind just walking the grounds of a cemetery aimlessly on a dreaded sunny day.

St Johns also has a huge, six story mausoleum straight out of Phantasm with golden brown carpeting, somber music, lots of a/c, and some absolutely gorgeous Victorian by way of the late sixties blue and white furniture. I wanted every ottoman, love seat, and chair I saw. Outside the mausoleum are some great sculptures that call to mind science fiction paperbacks from the seventies, so that was awesome too.

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Posted on April 21, 2008

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