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French Country AleThe Whole Foods beer shop is amazing. They may not always have Six Point's Sweet Action, but that's really the fault of the brew master, not the Whole Foods inventory system. The selection of bottled beers is really off the hook and one evening Brittany brought this home. I think she got it because the guy behind the counter thought Shaun was cute and tipped him off to all the terrific, but not overly popular beers new to the store that week (note: most of the staff in the beer shop is extremely difficult to get along with, make sure you understand the basic rules involving growler purchases before you go in, otherwise you're going to find your patience in short supply).

This beer is fantastic. It's brown and rich and it tastes like yummy caramel. Enjoy responsibly, it's 6% alcohol.

I feel like a bit of a beer snob now that many of my favorite beers aren't available in bottles, but fancy beers like French Country Ale (which is conveniently available in a large Belgian style bottle), outshine mass-produced beers so considerably that once you just accept that you're going to be spending $10 for 24 ounces, there's really no going back. And besides, I've never said the word “hoppy” out loud. Unless I was describing some awesome new jam as “hip hoppy”.

Did you know that at one time there were over 2,000 country farms in northern France that each produced craft beers? Now there are less than 20. Progress? I think not.

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Posted on December 3, 2007

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