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spuyten duyvil groceryI have mentioned in the past that local bar Spuyten Duyvil does not always exhibit the kindest of service, a claim I only feel comfortable saying in such a public forum because several people have had similar experiences. Well, I'm happy to say that the fairly new Spuyten Duyvil Grocery inside the Williamsburg Market on Bedford and N. 5th is the exact opposite.

Wandering in, looking for something nice to bring to Christmas Eve at my sister's, we were met by a friendly and knowledgeable man who took us through the ins and outs of all the brews we were confronted with. The selection, for such a tiny, sliver of a spot is staggering. It looks like the kind of old woodworked shop that might exist as an apothecary haunt Sherlock Holmes would research clues in, or a magical brew store on Diagon Alley.

The number of beers offered is impressive, but so is the variety and rarity. There were many bottles that I had never seen or heard of before.

Oddly, there is very little information online about this tiny shop, but I promise it exists and that you'll walk out satisfied.

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Posted on December 31, 2007

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