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I know, it's crazy that given the amount of times this thing has played on TBS, I had never seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High until just last week. It was pretty good, as expected, and like all the teens before me, I was most smitten with pothead surfer dude Jeff Spicoli – Rat and Damone, not so much.

Not only does Penn look great all young, wiry, and framed by flowing blond locks, but the outfits are to die for. Seriously, he puts drug rugs and Umbros on another plane of awesome.

Plus, the character made me love Sean Penn again, which is something I really just haven't been able to since (at least) I am Sam.

Did you know that Fast Times was adapted into a short-lived TV serie?. Ray Walston proudly reprised his role as Mr. Hand, but the fake Spicoli… not so good.?

The 'Real' Spicoli in Fast Times (the movie)

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Posted on August 17, 2009

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