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The Spice Girls I saw them in concert! Little kids' parents glared at us as if we had no right to be there. Seriously, not since being on the ground floor at the WWF (before the name change) had I felt so much hostility. I actually saw the tour for the Spice World album which features the totally excellent song “Spice Up Your Life” but Ginger was gone by then and the world was that much sadder and the Spice Girls that much less slutty.

That album has some great songs on it, but this, their first, is more well rounded. I saw the movie too, my friends and I even dressed up for it–I was Ginger. I was a living, breathing pop music monster and I loved every minute of it. In truth I rarely listen to the “girls” these days, but when “Say You'll Be There” or “If U Can't Dance” come up on my iPod, I want to dance–if it's “2 Become 1“, I want to make love.

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Posted on March 26, 2007

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