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spanish stewI found this recipe while browsing The Clumsy Cook, this week's website pick. She in turn found it in a Rachel Ray cook book. Hey, don't knock it, when you don't have to hear the barbed screech of the woman, her recipes can be downright excellent.

This Spanish Stew is incredibly flavorful and rich?- tasting as though it cooked for hours and hours, though it only takes about 45 minutes total to complete. It serves four, so if you're cooking for two you can look forward to amazing leftovers.The recipe calls for a hodge podge of ingredients like chicken thighs, peas, roasted red peppers, chorizo, and potatoes that all meld together beautifully. It also calls for good paprika. I splurged on some Andalusian Sweet from Fresh Direct and could tell the difference from the little McCormick that has been sitting on my shelf forever.

Paprika is traditionally associated with Hungary, who in fact grew and utilized the spice decades before it made its way to Spain. As an odd footnote, paprika is not only used in delicious human recipes, but is often fed to flamingos in captivity to keep their plumage colorful and bright.

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Posted on January 7, 2008

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