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The Queen of Knits

Two things seem to keep running through my mind right now, sweaters and stripes, sweaters and stripes..?It’s the approaching crisp fall days and the yearning for sweaters and it might be thoughts of Jean Seberg and Jonathan Richman or the appreciation of a beloved raggedy old Coolwear tee shirt of my own that has me on the stripe kick.

And on such a kick, no one could be more apt as my style icon than French legend and elegant wraith like talent, Sonia Rykiel whose bright striped sweaters feel as comfortable and beloved as her shock of bobbed and banged red hair.

Rykiel began designing when she couldn’t find a maternity sweater soft enough for herself. Don’t you just love entrepreneurial women? Since then, she and later she and her daughter have built a knit empire that never follows trends but transcends them.

That reluctance to fads has in some ways made her a less flashy hyped designer, like the dramatic McQueen for example, but her most recent show expanded beyond the expected with cute, bright party frocks and fun plays on the stripe. And I’m telling you I am all about knits and stripes and no one has done them better for as long as she.

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Posted on October 6, 2008

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