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soft spot trivia nightAt last month's trivia night, which did indeed deliver on its promise of free White Castles, my team came in fifth out of ten. We think that's pretty good for our first time and for the difficulty of some of the rounds. One required us to listen to ten songs slowed down 80 percent and then guess what they were. It was tedious and near impossible and I think it knocked us out of the top three.?/p>

We faired much better on the Trivial Pursuit type round and the celebrity identification portion where we were one of the only groups to ID Tatum O'Neal and Brooke Hogan. Next week we try again (it occurs the first Tuesday of every month). Keep your fingers crossed that we raise our standing. I'll be looking up how to diagram a sentence, which is something I haven't done since elementary school–until it came up at the dimly lit bar and had us all in a panic.?/p>

There are other trivia nights in the neighborhood and Manhattan, but I've heard they are taken pretty seriously (esp Pete's Candy Store) but once we have conquered Soft Spot (which might be a very long time from now) maybe we'll have the nerve to up the competition.

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Posted on September 3, 2007

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