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german soccer fashion showYou can always tell if a man is European on the train or a bar, whether the give away is a strange Navajo silver bracelet peaking out of his Wilson's leather (warning – can also be an indicator of a Rhode Islander) or any sort of soccer jersey, or lots of heady cologne, there's just always something different about them and this soccer fashion video is an extreme embodiment of the “differentness”.

First off, I love the fashions, and not ironically. I had enough years of high school boys in the nineties accidentally flashing their balls in Umbros to turn me off from a baggy shorts forever, and you all know how I feel about the Kevin Smith style, yet even baggier variety that followed. No, just like I prefer tightie whities and facial and chest hair of the seventies, I prefer a short short and knee highs in Mork and Mindy color palettes. I guess in some ways I was born in the wrong decade.

Second, the dancing is phenomenal. They're all so jolly and those moves are truly unique, each man that struts down the line has a signature move. I emailed the video to Jim telling him he should pick up some moves from it. He wrote back that he though they were his moves. So maybe I am in the right decade after all.

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Posted on December 28, 2008

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