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snack restaurant nycWith Jim and I now within walking distance for work lunch meet ups, we're lucky to have the neighborhood favorite, Snack as the in between point. I've been once before, and liked it, but this time I ordered all the right things and loved it. You know you're making a right menu choice when the waiter gets ultra excited about it.?In this case he was?an adorable and friendly gay boy, the kind who makes you think to yourself, “man, I really hope his parents were cool and not total dicks when he came out of the closet.”

The lamb sandwich was the item he was so thrilled about and it was?worth the praise. Many people must be aware of its greatness too because at least three came in to order it to go. It was rich and flavorful and big enough to split. We also dived into the cold appetizer platter with a very smoky eggplant dip, hummus, and my favorite thing of all time, taramasalata. All were excellent and the accompanying pita was warm and soft.

It's a minuscule place, so getting one of their four table requires amazing luck or going at lightly off hours. During those quieter times, I can see the appeal of hanging around for a while, getting fat on more and more pita as the afternoon fades.

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Posted on September 29, 2008

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