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smorgas chefAs a fan of Swedish food: gravlax, meatballs, herring, you name it, I was bound to likeSmorgas Chef , and I did. It's a local mini-chain of well prepared comfort food when other cuisine options are leaving you bored. Jim and I shared the smoked salmon with hard boiled eggs and escargot appetizers then split an open faced Swedish meatball sandwich.

It doesn't quite compare to other Scandinavian options like Good World or Aquavit, but those standards are too high to compare anything to. Sit outdoors and enjoy the views of lovely West Village townhouses and lovely lesbians smoking at the Cubby Hole, but if you have to dine indoors, there is a bit a nature inside: a giant birch grows through the floor–pretty cool.

To end the evening, there's an awesome cocktail I can't remember the name of and good dessert. They take reservations on opentable, but if you come early enough, snagging a table shouldn't be a problem.

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Posted on June 18, 2007

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