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smitten kittenWelcome to possibly the most visually appealing food blog online,. Deb a cook in Manhattan and her husband, who takes the mouth watering photos are the two people behind the lovely Smitten Kitchen (which I have been constantly remembering as “Smitten Kitten” which leads me to accidentally visit an adult sex toy shop a lot these last few weeks).

I have yet to try one of their recipes, I am particularly curious about the butterscotch ice cream, but need to get me an ice cream maker first. So many of the recipes, though are intriguing so it's hard to pick one to start with.?I am sure they'll be making these page very soon.

If you are as in love with their photos as I am and wish you knew how they do it, here's an entry just for you.

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Posted on May 12, 2008

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