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Snap into a Slim Jim! Oh Yeaaah!My favorite one involves the Macho Man busting into a high school production of Romeo and Juliet to pose the eternal question, “Art thou bored?”

There's also the one where that kid is folding all those pizza boxes and the Macho Man destroys them with his beefy, juicy taste.

According to family lore, my great grandfather, Lesley Sanders, used to buy these at the grocery store and then fry them up as a bacon substitute. Maybe that's why one day his wife took her grandson shopping for the suit she wanted to bury him in ten years before he actually expired.

Anyway, videos of these phenomenal commercials are harder to find then you might expect. Youtube has the one where he can't tolerate chips and the one where he tears the door off of a locker. Art thou bored continues to elude me. Fortunately it's seared into my brain, so even if it never makes it to the internets, as long as I'm around to re-tell the story, it will survive like the precious piece of of our folk culture that it is.

Too easy to find: the annoying guy with the insect wings some idiots came up with at the advertising firm the beef jerky syndicate went with after the Macho Man bowed out.

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Posted on December 3, 2007

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