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sixpoint craft alesAt a recent cheese and beer tasting (see below) my friends and I learned more about Six Point Craft Ales than I could even want to comprehend. To say that the owner, Shane C. Welch, loves beer is an understatement. Even to say he is certifiably insanely obsessed is putting it mildly. Such passion does show in the beer, however, and at the tasting, we got to have ales and lagers brewed fresh that day.

The crisp Sweet Action was the favorite of the seven brews we tried but I also loved the Brownstone, which was surprisingly easy to drink. There is lots of information on their site (and you can also tour the brewery in Red Hook) about the care and love they put into the business.

From searching the world for inspiration and knowledge, to the experimental way they develop new flavors, every step of the process in this independent little brewery is done with heart. The site also has a list of places that serve the beer.

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Posted on July 2, 2007

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